Please see note from the Derbyshire ASA

Warm up schedule for sessions 7 to 10 and relays

In response to feedback received from Coaches, ARC Pool staff and H&S Stewards primarily regarding safety concerns relating to the number of swimmers on poolside at times during warm ups, quality of warm up and utilisation of available pool time; the following warm up schedule is planned for sessions 7 -11.

Due to the volume of swimmers entering the Championships, the pool will again be at maximum swimmer capacity during warm up this weekend – so Please can all Coaches work together to co-ordinate their swimmers and ensure pool time is available to all.

Sprint lanes will open after 15 minutes of each 30 minute warm up to increase throughput – as requested by coaches as feedback from Weekend 1. Sprint lanes will remain initially as Lanes 4&5 – so we would ask that coaches encourage younger swimmers who will be ready to sprint sooner to warm up initially in these lanes

Further or earlier sprint lanes may be opened within each session with the agreement of coaches and H&S stewards where there are under utilised lanes and queues for sprint lanes.

In all sessions there are a greater number of Girl swimmers – therefore to best accommodate everyone and equalise numbers, a group of Girls has been identified within each session to join the Boys Warm up . Where event scheduling allows this will be the 17/Over Girls – HOWEVER please note the exception in session 8 – coaches please encourage this where you feel it is appropriate for your swimmers within these categories to enable more equal utilisation of pool time for everyone

Session 7
9.00am All Boys and 17/over Girls (Whole Pool)
9.25am Girls 10-16 years (Whole Pool)

Session 8
1.00pm All Girls ( except Girls only competing in Event 325 800m FS)
1.30pm All Boys and Girls competing only in Event 325 (800m FS)

Session 9
5.00pm All Boys and 17/over Girls (Whole Pool)
5.25pm Girls 10-16 years (Whole Pool)

Session 10
9.00am All Boys and 17/over Girls (Whole Pool)
9.25am Girls 10-16 years (Whole Pool) 

Session 11 (Relays)
1.00pm All Girls
1.30pm All Boys

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