To confirm plans for round 2 this Sunday 15th October.

We have been able to bring the start time forward with warm up commencing at 4pm and the gala starting at 4.30pm.

Any offers for timekeeping and officiating could be forwarded to babs.ingram@btinternet.com and volunteers in other capacity are directed to minigrandprix@derventioexcel.org.uk

  1. Sophie Busby
  2. Betty Cresswell
  3. Olivia Parkes
  4. Amy Randle
  5. Eva Lemmon
  6. Maggie Welsh
  7. Sienna Sagoo
  8. Hana Djatou Bendiba
  9. Quinn Coppen
  10. Lillia Mudie
  11. Reina Djatou Wafang

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