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Health & Safety

It is requested that bags and equipment are kept in lockers. No swim bags should be taken onto the poolside (only a small drawstring type bag to hold goggles, towel & a drink will be allowed).

Note that swimmers must only get changed in the changing facilities (not on poolside or in the sports hall) swimmers are not to take food on poolside, and no additional chairs are to be taken on to poolside.

Shoes must be worn in all other areas of the leisure centre apart from the pool hall.

  • The Fire Alarm is a standard siren with a voice over directing swimmers.
  • There are three fire exits situated at either end of the main pool and one at the end of the small pool.
  • In the event of an evacuation, swimmers will be lined up at the window side of the main pool and should follow the directions of the leisure centre staff. At no point should swimmers return to the changing rooms – foil blankets will be issued as necessary.
  • In the event of an evacuation, the assembly point is located at the top of the main car park next to the bus drop off point.
  • No drills are planned.
  • There are 6 Emergency Alarms situated around the pool (red and yellow boxes) which flash when activated.
  • They should only be pressed in an emergency. Make sure swimmers/parents are kept away from them so as not to activate them accidentally.
  • If a rescue needs to be performed, all bathers must leave the pool in an orderly manner. All spectators and swimmers should ideally leave the pool area to give privacy to the casualty.
  • The teaching pool is STRICTLY not to be used – not even to dangle toes in!
  • Lifeguards take priority and swimmers/spectators should not hinder staff in carrying out their duties.


Competitors may withdraw from events up to 1 hour before the start of a session.

Prior to 8:00pm on the Friday before the session withdrawals can be made by emailing: compmanager@derbyshireswiming.org.uk comp@derbyshireswiming.org.uk

After this time withdrawals must be done so by sending a text message to 07929377809 and leaving a message stating swimmers name, gala, event number and competitor number.

Withdrawals on the day of the competition can also be made on a completed form which must be given to the administration desk prior to the start of the warm up to avoid a fine.


Please see link for WARM UP Derbys Champs CoachSwimmer Information.pdf

Warm up 

13 & Over

1 x 500 as 100 Free 50 Back 

3 x 25 Dive Sprints Choice at Race Pace

12 & under

1 x 400 as 100 Free 100 Back

3 x 25 Dive Sprints Choice at Race Pace

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