Coach/Swimmer Information
There will be two, twenty five minute, sessions:
8:30am to 8.55am - Boys
9:00am to 9.25am - Girls
Lanes 0 and 9 are dive start sprint lanes, towards the scoreboard end
of the pool. There will be NO DIVING ALLOWED in the other lanes unless otherwise announced.
Lanes 1 to 8 are for free warm up and the direction of swimming is clockwise in odd numbered lanes and anti-clockwise in even numbered lanes.
All swimmers should enter the water at the diving pit end of the pool, lowering themselves carefully into the water, and leave by the sides at the scoreboard end, crossing other lanes only when it is safe to do so and without inconveniencing other swimmers.
There will be similar sessions, in this case Girls first, during the lunchtime interval.
The diving pit is available for continuous warm up or warm down except when the main pool is available.
Coaches are responsible for the supervision of their own swimmers.

It is requested that bags and equipment are kept in lockers. Swim bags should not be taken onto the poolside where possible (only a small drawstring type bag to hold goggles, towel & a drink should be taken onto poolside).
Swimmers are not to take food on poolside and additional chairs (if used) are to be kept out of the way of the officials to allow for easy passage.
Shoes must be worn in all other areas of the leisure centre apart from the pool hall.
Clubs have the option of where they would like to sit throughout the event. If they wish clubs may use the right hand side of the seating area (when entering from the café) or around the poolside. It is requested that should clubs and swimmers sit in the tier seating area, that swimmers are dry and not wet to reduce the chances of slippery steps and walkways.
Swimmers should be fully clothed if they walk around areas away from the poolside.
All swimmers must get changed in the changing rooms and not on poolside. Swimmers will be warned if caught contravening this rule and multiple offenders may be disqualified from the event.
Only club officials (with poolside passes) and swimmers will be allowed to access the right hand side of the tiered seating area and the poolside. Health & Safety stewards will be in place to monitor this.
Spectators will be situated on the left hand side of the tiered seating and will not be allowed access to the swimmers’ area.

Long Course Competition 2017

Coach/Swimmer Information

The fire alarm is a standard siren with a
voice over directing swimmers.

In the event of an evacuation swimmers will be lined up and should follow the directions of the leisure centre staff. At no point should swimmers return to the changing rooms
– foil blankets will be issued as necessary.

No drills are planned during the event.

If a rescue needs to be performed, all persons must leave the pool in an orderly manner. All spectators and swimmers should leave the pool area to give privacy to the casualty.

Lifeguards take priority and swimmers/spectators should not hinder staff in carrying out their duties.

No glass on poolside.

No large bags on poolside.

All emergency exits are to be kept clear.

No running on poolside.

No outdoor shoes on poolside.

Only drinks in plastic bottles are allowed on pool

No food on poolside.
Competitors wishing to withdraw must do so by emailing:
comp@derbyshireswiming.org.uk. After 8:30pm on the 2nd December withdrawals must be done so by sending a text message to 07929377809.
Good luck to everyone! And we hope you have an enjoyable and successful competition.

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