Hi Everyone,

I would just like to inform you of an important update regarding officials for both the 4th March and 1st April galas.

We have managed to secure a level 4 licence for both galas, therefore all individual times achieved by the swimmers will go onto the ASA rankings system. As a result, the rules regarding officials have to be stepped up to comply with the licence.

We will still be required to bring 1 judge and 2 timekeepers. The judge must be qualified to at least J1. And at least one of the timekeepers must be qualified to be a timekeeper (preferably also J1 where possible). Without these requirements the licence will be withdrawn. Names and qualifications have to be given to the licensing officer after the gala, so a register will be given out at the officials briefing on the day of the galas.

Timekeeping will still be done via manual times. However, your club's timekeepers will not time keep our own lane (lane 1 will do lane 2 and so on). The timekeepers will then have the responsibility of checking the swimmer is named on the slip correctly and updated accordingly if required (this will be explained at the officials briefing on the day). Any changes can then be correctly identified. Changes will still be allowed on the day but the recorder, must be informed.

The competition has funded the licence due to the excellent turn out of spectators at the first gala, so please encourage your swimmer's families and friends to turn up again, so more 'treats' can be given to the swimmers - the licence is for their benefit!!

Licence for 4th March - 4EM170694

Licence for 1st April - 4EM170715

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