The following swimmers have achieved the times to progress to the next squad. 
Swimmers please make the changes during the following weeks. Parents, please adjust any standing order payments necessary.
I am sorry for the delay as D squad names who will progress to C will be published Wednesday or Thursday when all the times have been finalised. 
Congratulations to:
B to A
  1. Eva Lemmon
  2. Hana Bendiba
  3. Jay Kelly 
C to B
  1. Amy Randle
  2. Claudia Wain
  3. Ebony Bexon
  4. Jade Davidson
  5. James Missin
  6. Josh Meadows
  7. Sam Spooner
  8. Paige Bull
D to C
  1. Connie Busby
  2. Evan Flannigan
  3. Isla Cooper-Harris
  4. Lois Eyre-Tattersall
  5. Roch Morgan
  6. Sowmya Vijayan
  7. Alice Fairclough 

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