Well done to all who took part in the Matlock Novice gala.
These galas are a good opportunity to experience a gala. They are called novice galas as they have cut-off times which means that if a swimmer goes faster than the nominated time they get no points. Therefore it must be confusing at times watching the races and seeing a team win most races but then find they are not winning.

Also judging is more lenient where they may watch an entire length but not see a perfect stroke for the entire time. If the swimmer is making a good effort the judge will be lenient to encourage the swimmer. However, we had one disqualification for touching the wall one handed on the breaststroke turn. The learning is we can always practice our turns and finishes in training as we have to have the basics learned, so they are a good habit, before we can progress to faster turns.

There is no focus on winning as the focus is on the swimmers enjoying racing being in a competition and having a good experience. If we do win then that's an added bonus.

Thank you to everyone who helped on poolside and timekeeping. Your help is invaluable with helping the swimmers enjoy the gala.

Matlock A  323
Derby Phoenix 318
Swadlincote  300
Ripley Rascals 279
Hucknall & Linby 236
Matlock B  191
Matlock C  111

Congratulations to all who came first
Girls 9yr 25 Backstroke Anya Pickering
Girls 10u 25 Breastroke Grace Doleman
Girls 11u 50 Backstroke  Tillie-Ann Wadsworth
Boys 11u 50 Backstroke  Mackenzie Pickering
Boys 11u 50 Backstroke  Ethan Parks
Girls 9yr 25 Breaststroke  Melissa Backhouse
Girls 9yr 25 Freestyle  Anya Pickering
Boys 10u 25 Backstroke  Samuel Tague
Girls 10u 25 Butterfly  Grace Doleman
Boys 11u 50 Freestyle  Louis Smith
Boys 11u 50 Freestyle  Mackenzie Pickering

There were 19 Personal Bests overall

Full results can be seen in Dropbox here

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