Congratulations to the following swimmers upon achieving the times to progress to the next squad.

Please start at the earliest session after Christmas break.

Parents, please make the appropriate change to your direct debit. Thank you

B to A Names
Bethany Alger
Sonny Jamieson

C to B Names
Alfie Lynch
Callie Coldman
Charlotte Wood
Christian Burrows
Ethan Alger
Hana Djatou Bendiba
Jasmine Bowles
Juliet Wain
Quinn Coppen
Rebecca Spooner
Reina Djatou Wafang
Samuel Tague
Sienna Sagoo

D to C Names
Amy Randle
Brooke Lee
Felix Hall
Freddie Thellusson
Harry Brickman
Lola Birkinshaw
Maddison Green
Molly Hammond
Zak Misiak-Nettleship

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