Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire Junior Swimming League was formed in 1979 with the intention being to find the Premier Junior Team in the two Counties.
The dates for 2019 are:-
Round 1: 30th March
Round 2: 18th May
Round 3: 22rd June

2018 results & Final League Positions


The competition will be held under A.S.A. Laws and Technical Rules

  • 4.1      The Programme will consist of the following events: Individual Events
    9 years: 25m all four strokes
    10 years: 11 years & under: 12 years & under: 50m all four strokes
  • Relays  9  Years:
    1 mixed 4 x 25m medley relays (two boys, two girls in any order)
    1 mixed 4 x 25m freestyle relays (two boys, two girls in any order)
    Please Note any Club who on the day of competition is unable to field a 9 years relay team shall be allowed to swim an overage swimmer/s, this must be declared by the team manager before the start of the gala. That event will then swim by that team for no points. Failure to declare the overage swimmer will mean a deduction of 12 gala points as per rule 4.5

    10 years & under: 11 years & under: 12 years & under:
    4 x 25m freestyle and 4 x 25m medley relays.

    Cannon Relay: 8 x 25m freestyle. Swam in order as  9yr Boy 9yr Girl, 10 yr Boy 10 yr Girl, 11yr Boy 11yr Girl, 12yr Boy 12yr Girl.

  • PLEASE NOTE if a swimmer is swimming up an age group it must be declared and no points will be awarded for the canon.

  • 4.2    Ages are as at Midnight on the 24th June 2017.
  • 4.3    9 years are only allowed to swim 2 individual events in their own age group, they are not allowed to swim individual events in older age groups (only relays).
  • 4.4    A swimmer may swim in 3 individual events (two events for 9 years); 10 and 11 years as two events in their own age group and one in that immediately above; 12 years, 3 events in their own age group. There is no restriction on the number of relay swims. Overage swimmers may not swim in any events except as in rule 4.1
  • 4.5    If a swimmer contravenes any of the Rule’s  4.1 to 4.4 he/she shall be disqualified from all the events which were illegal and the team shall have 12 gala points deducted from their total for each offence.
  • 4.6     A swimmer may not swim for more than one club in any year of competition, in this League.
    Spectator Admission Adults £3.00 Children £1.00. (The Final Adults £3.50 Children £1.50)

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