Derbyshire ASA recently forwarded details for a series of open meets to be organised by Derventio with the following information.

Please see some information on the DASA Junior Grand Prix that is starting this autumn.

This series of mini open meets are designed as an introduction to the competitive environment. They provide an opportunity for 9-11yr olds to race in a friendly, fun environment locally to achieve qualification for the County Championships in February

It is being run in an open meet format that encourages swimmers to race different events each round with awards for the top 3 boys and girls in each age across the grand prix rounds. Theres also a top club cash prize.

Age as Saturday 18th November 2017

There is an

- Award for Top 3 Girls & Boys in each individual age group: 9yrs, 10yrs, 11yrs

- Award for Top club: based on scoring from top 10 finish placings each event

- Entry is priced at £2 per individual event, cannon relay is free to enter Entry details released shortly, License pending at level 4

- Exact start times of each meet to be confirmed - evenings approx. 17:30-18:30


Round 1:

Saturday 23rd September,  Eckington Leisure Centre, S21 4DA

9yrs Boys & Girls 50m Butterfly

10-11yrs Boys & Girls 200m Freestyle

9yrs Boys & Girls 100m Freestyle

10-11yrs Boys & Girls 100m Breaststroke

9yrs Boys & Girls 50m Breaststroke

10-11yrs Boys & Girls 100m Butterfly


Round 2:

Sunday 15th October,  Queens Leisure Centre, Derby, DE1 3PA

9yrs Boys & Girls 50m Freestyle

10-11yrs Boys & Girls 200m IM

9yrs Boys & Girls 100m IM

10-11yrs Boys & Girls 100m Backstroke

9yrs Boys & Girls 50m Backstroke

10-11yrs Boys & Girls 100m Freestyle


Round 3:

Saturday 18th November,  Sharley Park Leisure Centre, S45 9LX

9yrs Boys & Girls 200m Freestyle

10-11yrs Boys & Girls 200m IM

9yrs Boys & Girls 100m IM

10-11yrs Boys & Girls 200m Freestyle

6x50 cannon relay (boy/girl from each age group) - double club points


Details, rules & entry details can be found by clicking here

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