Training is all about "re-creating” your self. Training changes your mind and body to such a degree that it has the same effect of modifying yourself as if you were part of the laboratory experiment of some mad scientist.

Training helps you rebuild, remake, recreate and regenerate yourself into a swimming machine capable of anything!

How much a swimmer gains from his/her individual training sessions will, to a great extent, be dependent on their personal discipline, application and attitude to the following:-

  1. Arrive early to allow time for a thorough stretching routine
  2. Attend as many sessions as your coach advises
  3. Bring all of your training equipment with you
  4. Keep a log book to record how well and how often you have trained and to register your improvements in both training and competitions
  5. Arrive in a positive frame of mind, ready to train at the level your coach requires
  6. A stretching routine before swimming reduces the risk of injury and increases mobility as well as warming-up muscles
  7. Heed your coach. He/she is there to advise you and to help you to become a better swimmer
  8. Do all that is asked of you…………Do less, and you are cheating yourself!
  9. Learn to use the pace clock to check your times during training
  10. Train at the intensity your coach requires
  11. Pace yourself in the sets
  12. Execute ALL Turns correctly and quickly
  13. Finish each length correctly. Swim hard into the wall
  14. Think about your technique at all times. The technique is all important!
  15. Perfect practice makes Perfect
  16. A short swim-down after a hard session will help avoid muscle stiffness
  17. Leave the pool after each session having accomplished something positive

Remember, each training session provides a chance for you to improve you.

Nutrition Tips

  1. Drink plenty of fluids during training to avoid dehydration
  2. After each session eat a small snack and drink more fluids to restore energy and avoid dehydration
  3. Adopt a healthy eating lifestyle…Low Fat…High Carbohydrate
  4. …No Alcohol