Many congratulations to the named swimmers for they have achieved the appropriate qualifying times for progressing to the next squad. You can make your change when we start training on Friday.

Parents, will you adjust any standing order payments necessary, fee details below.
Congratulations to:
D to C
1. Rahul Rampal
2. Archie Mead
3. Vidmantas Armonas
4. Stephen Iankov
5. Arun Shanker
6. Jagvir Shanker
7. Laura Sharpe
C to B
1. Emily Hanson
2. Reuben Brindley
3. Jai Dhillon
4. Chloe Martin
5. Izzy Woodward
6. Harry Johnson
7. Victoria Burke
8. Nicole Kostrzewa
B to A
1. Maggie Welsh
2. Raaj Dhillon

Please amend your standing orders to the new squad fees as listed below with effect from September 2019

 Squad  Monthly Fee*
 A £51.00 
 B £47.00
 C £44.00
 D £39.00

* Family membership details
-for families with two members in any squad, the maximum fee payable is 92.00
-for families with three members in any squad (inc. masters)the maximum fee is 120.00
-Derventio Excel swimmers £7.50

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