Today @Swim_England will launch guidance for the re-opening of pools. I know many of you are waiting for this as a next step towards getting back in the water. Please bear the following in mind: 
1. @Swim_England does not make the decision on when pools re-open. The Government will make this decision.
2. Not all pools will re-open as soon as they get the green light - there is a lot of work to do and a lot of financial considerations.
3. If you are a pool owner/operator we understand you need to balance the use of the pool. 
4. Swim clubs and swim schools, please work with your facility operator and give them time to work things out.
5. @Swim_England members, you have been patient. Please continue to do so and don't bombard your club committee with questions. Give them time to work through this and liaise with your local pool.
6. We need to work together to make sure everyone gets back in the water safely. Be kind to each other and find solutions rather than problems. Everyone will be struggling financially. We all have one goal: All disciplines and activities back in the pool.
7. The government guidance on social distancing and other measures may chance before pools open. We will do our best to update the guidance as this happens but bear in mind sometimes we hear about it at the same time as you do!

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