A brief description of the National Arena League.

The National Arena League is a Nationally swum league. In this league, we swim our fastest possible team. The league comprises of 6 areas East Midlands, London, North West, South, West Midlands and Western.

We are in the West Midlands where there are currently three Divisions The Premier (24 Clubs), Division Two (24 Clubs) and Division Three (23 Clubs). We are currently in Division 2 North. It works on a 4 up, 4 down system of promotion and relegation this league is very competitive and hosts some of the best senior teams in the country.

During these galas, times are monitored, splits are taken for relays and we also monitor starts, turns and takeovers, so we know what to base our technical programme around.

  • The age-groups required for this league are 11, 13, 15, & Open.
  • Distances swum: 11's swim 50 metres 13, 15 & Open 100 metres plus 200 IM for Opens.
  • There are 3 galas for this league, one in October, November & December. The top 6 teams from each division all swim off in Round 3, again, this league operates a 4 up and 4 down promotion and relegation system.
  • Swimmers may require, 2 towels, costume, club T-Shirt goggles and a drink only (non-fizzy).

The top two teams from the Premier Division will go forward to represent the league in the National Final, comprising of all the top teams from all over the Regions in the country.

 Website: National Arena League Website