Swim England’s membership categories are being given new names to make them more ‘meaningful and relevant’.

The changes, which will come into effect in the new year, are being introduced following feedback from members, clubs, and stakeholders.

Club Train, Club Compete, and Club Support will replace Category One, Category Two, and Category Three respectively.

All the existing member benefits will remain the same.

Gaby Hay, Swim England head of membership development, said the changes were being made as the current names were deemed confusing.

She added: “Following regular communication with our members, clubs and stakeholders, we were told that the existing names were confusing and not representative of what the category means.

“With that in mind, we have taken the decision to change the names of our membership categories to make them more meaningful and relevant to our members.

“We have been working hard to develop and improve the membership offering and will continue to do so to ensure it is meeting the needs of the entire aquatics community.”

The changes in full are:

Existing Name – New Name
Category One becomes ‘Club Train’
For individuals in a club who are either learning to swim or training in any discipline. As a Club Train member you will be able to compete in Low-Level Competitions (download the definition here) or an event that has an exemption under Swim England regulations.

Category Two becomes ‘Club Compete’
For individuals who are part of a club and looking to compete in any discipline in open competitions. This membership offers you the benefit of the structured competitive pathway at all levels in every discipline

Category Three becomes ‘Club Support’
For anyone involved in a club who volunteers or is employed by the club, including committee members, officers, Teachers, and Coaches as well as any parent members.