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Members pay a fee related to their training squad, this reflects the increased coaching and pool time as the swimmers progress.

The monthly fee charged for each squad is detailed below.  The monthly fee is made up of the three following components:-
1.Annual club membership
2.Annual ASA membership
3.Monthly swimming fee

* Family membership details

Club fees are calculated on an annual basis and are payable in twelve equal monthly payments irrespective of attendance

Relief on monthly fees may only be considered on medical grounds and agreed by the committee

Membership runs from 1 October - 30 September 

Member's link to Squad fees

Club Constitution

Club members can view the consititution via the Club documents page within Swim Manager.

The constitution can also be opened here.

Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) Registration

As we are a competitive club the ASA registration fee is necessary for every club member and helper.  This is an annual payment fixed by the ASA and includes insurance.  If any members wish further information regarding the ASA fee please contact the club secretary.

Policy re New and Returning Swimmers

New swimmers are permitted a free three week trial with the club in line with ASA rules.  This does not apply to returning members.  Swimmers returning to Derby Phoenix after a swimming break must immediately renew their membership in compliance with ASA regulations.  We ask that those swimmers wishing to return contact the membership secretary in advance so that forms may be sent out and membership re-instated prior to the swimmer returning to the pool.


If you choose to leave Derby Phoenix please complete the resignation form which can be found in "club documents" and forward to the membership secretary at  alternatively please email the club secretary or membership secretary.  

Please provide one month's notice and ensure all fees are fully up to date


For welfare matters, please contact Ali Whitlam at welfare