Below is the summer schedule, which runs for the whole of August, from Tuesday, 1st August.
Our Autumn Schedule begins on Sunday, 3rd September for all squads.
There will be no swimming at Lonsdale from 28th August to 4th September inclusive due to their annual pool closure at this time.

D Squad
Tuesday 7-8 pm at Moorways
Sunday 6–7 pm at Repton

C Squad
Tuesday 8-9 pm at Moorways
Wednesday 6.05-7.30 pm at Lonsdale
Sunday 6-7 pm at Repton

A Squad
Wednesday 7.30-9 pm at Lonsdale
Friday 6.35-8.35 pm at Lonsdale
Sunday 7-8 pm at Repton
Sunday sessions will move back to Moorways from Sunday, 27th August onwards, training from 5-7 pm.